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Purchasing a Recreational Vehicle (RV)

June 8th, 2013 6:40 am

Recreational vehicles are purchased for many reasons, including to travel long / short distances, and a secondary home on wheels. Not everyone may enjoy the comforts or style of living in a RV. Anyone that enjoys driving, being closer to nature, saving money staying in a hotel / motel plus meals, and enjoys sightseeing. Recreational vehicles debuted a century ago, but those “auto-campers” were nothing like today’s luxurious models. Original RVs came with chamber pots; modern RVs come with nearly every convenience of home.

Purchasing an RV is similar to purchasing a house, except on wheels. Purchaser should consider the following, when selecting a recreational vehicle: Driving an RV requires additional skills than driving a car.

When it comes to bringing an RV on your camping trip, there are some important things that it must have.

Deciding to purchase a recreational vehicle should come after deciding what you will use it for, how often, what you will take with you, and how many people will regularly travel in it. What kind of RV travel do you plan to do? Will you be traveling with the whole family, just your partner or alone? How much privacy do you need? Will you take extended trips or venture out for just the occasional weekend? Consider what amenities and space you will need for the number of passengers and the distance. RVs to suit every situation are widely available new and used.

Next, you will need to think about your financing options. If you have the available cash and are in a position to pay for the recreational vehicle without a loan, which will be the easiest method to purchase the camper. If you need to get financing, a trip to your local bank or credit union before you go to the dealer is a great idea.

Before you buy, you might want to check out one of the many RV expos. These are good for shopping but also for learning about the RV lifestyle from those who know it well.

One way to test-drive the RV lifestyle is to rent one first. There are caveats, of course. You’re still responsible for fuel, fees, cleaning and damages. Your car insurance won’t extend to the RV, but you can buy from the facility or check if your insurance company can add RV to your existing plan on a temporary basis.

Auto Directory 411 for July 2012

July 10th, 2012 3:19 am

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